IT’S MY 100TH STRIP! As a celebration my wonderful wife offered to make today’s comic while I sipped sangrias in the Bahamas. By which, of course, I mean that my artwork got a little too ambitious for me to complete for today and she stepped in to not only draw and color this comic but write it herself too! This lady is the best part of my life and she represents that by taking a major milestone in the comic! No more will the comics be numbered by two digits, folks! We are hundred and upward from here forward!

I have some great friends coming in this weekend and some super ambitious artwork I’m doing for Saturday so it will be busy as heck for me. Furthermore, my older sister is graduating with her masters this Saturday! Holy cow, way to go Timmie! We’re all so proud of you!

Some big stuff happening!

Oh and we are planning on getting a book of Ninja and Pirate out by May!! Isn’t that exciting?! Let’s see if I can get a store up by then. I have no idea how to web design and every person I’ve tried to hire to build my site just kind of petered out. Let’s see what we can do, huh? Anyway, I have gotta go to bed folks! I’m exhausted! Congrats again to my sister, and a huge thank you to my incredible wife who may put me out of a job! I love you, Allicat!