Neeko! Ees your cahzeen!

By which I mean I do not, under any circumstances, want to go bowling. Also, how many wanted stars do I get for breaking the fourth wall? Is that a crime? I’m unsure of how that works. Oh well, I’ll just get my car a paint job and be good. No worries.

So hi everyone. How are you? Man I got a busy couple of weeks coming up. The comic con in October is the least of it. I have another con coming up in Tulsa that all my home boys and girls and various gendered organisms should attend. It’s gonna be fun on the sun. Actually, I don’t know where it will be but I can say with 99% accuracy that it will not be held, in fact, on the sun.

Not a lot to say. I have a major headache so I’m going to bed. Thanks for reading the comic everyone! It’s kind of meta isn’t it? If you liked it then you can always like our Facebook page for more goofy stuff. Follow me on Twitter too at @ninjaandpirate! I’ll see you guys on Saturday with a brand spanking new comic*!

*(Spanking not guaranteed or even likely)