Hey everybody! So there’s a bit of a story behind today’s comic. I had originally had something else entirely planned and worked on it for about three hours before I realized “Well, shoot. This isn’t funny at all.” So I had to start all over. As I racked my brain for ideas the only one to come up was in the vein of “Y’all ever notice how Japanese cartoons be all…and Western cartoons look all…wassup with that?” So that evolved into this semi-fourth wall breaking episode.

For those of you who don’t know, Vik, Pirate, and Val are all modeled after three extremely prolific artists in Japanese manga. Vik is modeled after the work of the renown Akira Toriyama, mastermind behind the Dragonball series. Pirate is designed after the father of modern manga, Tezuka Osamu, creator of Astro Boy. And Val is designed after one of the most influential female artists of all sequential art worldwide, Naoko Takeuchi, who created Sailor Moon. Honestly, I never really got into Sailor Moon, but my older sister did for a while. That was actually my first experience with anime. I remember asking her where the water that formed the giant teardrop on their foreheads came from.

In other news, Ninja and Pirate Vol. 1 is almost ready to hit digital shelves Internet wide! Huzzahs abound!

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