In case you’re sad, Pirate did bring him a Happy Meal later. Unfortunately, it had apple slices and he wanted fries. So into the garbage it went. After that kind of disappointment you simply can’t proceed with the meal. It doesn’t work like that.

Normally I try to steer away from video game humor because it seems like too easy a target, not to mention the amount of video game webcomics out there on the internet is about eleventy billion and six so anything I make would just get lost in the noise. Video game humor is done by taking something that works in a game (such as eating a roast chicken that was masoned up in Dracula’s dining room wall and gaining health from it) and applying it to real life (doing the same thing and getting violently ill instead). This works because humor often relies on misdirection. So  you take a trope that everyone is familiar with (like Mario eating a mushroom to get bigger) and change it to a different outcome. But that change has to make sense. For example, if he ate the mushroom and turned into a spaceship, that would provide so many questions that the strip wouldn’t be funny. Instead, you change the outcome to what would happen with the same circumstances in the real world like Mario eating a mushroom to, like, really GET Wish You Were Here, you know man? It just seems formulaic and too easy to me. Granted, several strips out there are able to keep it fresh and interesting, and I applaud them for that because that takes a heck of a lot more skill and thought than I could ever have. But if every comic you just talk about Samus’ summer internship at Cirque du Soliel, things get very dull very fast. Every now and again I get an idea I think might work and I’ll try it out. I enjoy video games a lot because I love stories and immersive storytelling so video game strips in Ninja and Pirate will be a thing now and again but for the most part I try to stray from this kind of humor because I don’t think it challenges me like any good artform should. If I’m not challenged by a strip, then I shouldn’t be making it. Regardless, I hope you enjoyed this one!


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