Woo-hoo! Hey everybody! I’m so excited!! Things are great! Also, I’ve injected concentrated Pixie Stix directly into my corneas!

So it’s officially a month until I marry my best friend, my soul mate, my everything, my [ERROR: File ‘ClicheRomanticColloquialism.exe’ Not Found]. I’m ecstatic and kind of terrified. We’re starting to look for a place to live and deal with Christmas and everything for the wedding so my hair is falling out from places I didn’t even know I had hair growing. On a totally unrelated note, did you know that stuff between your toes isn’t lint?

Because I’ve got so many life changing events on the horizon and also my wedding this story arc is going to finish up in the next few weeks. Then we’ll have some guest work by my amazingly talented buddy Paul over at Gal­lant Adven­tures hopefully. I should probably ask him about that. Besides, he’s totally in my debt because I did a guest strip for him way back in August. That’s true friendship for you, am I right? You do something nice for a pal of yours and hold it over his head until his deathbed and then you tell him he owes you ten bucks for it. Isn’t friendship great? Anyway, after that I’ve been working on the next story arc where Pirate, Ninja, and Doctor Whoo meet some new characters and I haven’t been this stoked since I started the site or that time I got stuck in the fireplace. I can’t remember which.

Thanks for all the views everybody! I’ve been try­ing to make a name for myself and Ninja and Pirate on the inter­webs with this comic and I can’t do it with­out your help. Reddit’s been a punk to me so far and hardly any­one on my face­book reads it and my Twit­ter has only about 30 fol­low­ers so your word of mouth is the best tool in my arse­nal. My view count has dropped dra­mat­i­cally recently and I’m not sure why but if you have any sug­ges­tions feel free to con­tact me atninja_pirate_comic@yahoo.com! So far there is no fea­si­ble way for me to put out this comic more often with my schedule and the lack of views. Don’t get me wrong, I’m incred­i­bly grate­ful for those of you who do read this. But I can’t jus­tify doing 3 comics a week with 32 view­ers, let alone 5. So get the word out if you want more!

If you’re a new viewer to the antics of Ninja and Pirate then I have some bad news. There was a terrible asparagus related accident and you are now dead. If it’s any consolation here’s the first comic in the sto­ry­line: And So It Begins! Sorry about that.

In other, more upset­ting news, my sister-in-law’s won­der­ful lit­tle rat (i.e. Chi­huahua) Rosie got out through a hole in the fence a cou­ple days ago. She’s a great lit­tle spaz so we’re hop­ing she comes back. Keep her in your thoughts, won’t you?

A very good friend of mine a pointed me to this YouTube video called Pirate and Ninja: Episode 1. It’s extremely similar to my comic to the point of suspiciousness. However, I talked to the guy and he seems genuinely surprised that his stuff is so close to mine. I figured that sometimes these things happen and there’s nothing you can do about it so I’m not asking him to stop. Besides he’s not hurting anyone yet. We’ll see how it goes, right?

Any­way, take care folks. I’ll see you next week and thanks again for reading!