Some webcomics are family-friendly. Yeti 4 Hire. Awkward Yeti. Not all sasquatch related. Some webcomics are not family-friendly. Raindogs. Lunarbaboon. Both have their merits, strengths, and weaknesses. The wonderful Ubertool by Mark Glavin is definitely in the latter, but man is it worth it. Mark is the first person to reach out to Ninja and Pirate through twitter and he has remained a close friend since then. So thanks, Mark, for filling in for me.

For those wondering, both of you, Gemma June, my daughter, is finally growing healthy. She’s an eating, pooping machine (projectile pooping nonetheless. Hit the door from across the room at 3:15 this morning. That’s just plain impressive.) and I couldn’t be happier.

Happy birthday to my older sister Timmie! It’s her last year before becoming an old maid! That’s right, my sister is part popcorn kernel on our father’s side. It’s a well kept family secret. Happy birthday, punk.