What can I say about Mr. McGee other than he is one of the coolest dudes by far. Whenever I have needed guest art this dude has not only stepped up to the plate, but knocked it out of the park. I mean, he gave me a bowler hat here. Nailed it. I really wanna get over to the east coast sometime so I can actually meet the guy who has easily become one of my close friends, and not just in the webcomic community. His strip, Rain Dogs, has undergone some serious transformation recently- shifting from a story based absurdity to a single panel Gary Larson-esque romp of hilarity. His art has only gotten better which is a sign of his determination and commitment to the craft. His constant support and backboard of ideas has really helped Ninja and Pirate become what it is today. So thanks again, buddy. You rock.

Not only does this particular strip echo his type of humor, which coincides so very well with my own, I can actually see this happening. I would totally be dressed just like that. The only thing missing is the panel where we high five each other and freeze like the Mary Tyler Moore show. You get me, bud. Now come on! Crime is afoot!

Depending on whether or not I get the final two guest strips from the artists Wednesday could either be the start of Chapter 6 or the final guest strip OR the NEXT to final guest strip. It’s a gamble. See you then!