Hey everybody! I have been so exhausted lately. Things are going crazy. My job is busy as heck and I have SO MUCH drawing I’m trying to get done. Guest art, commission stuff, the comic, not to mention the con in Dallas in October. I am so tired. But you didn’t come here to hear me complain, so I won’t!

Saturday’s comic is gonna be awesome! It’s a FOUR PAGE LONGFORM COMIC!! I’ve gone mad!!! I’ll be working my tail off to get it done but it will also be the end of Chapter 2! Then Chapter Three starts and it’s the PERFECT jumping on point for your friends and even you if you’re one of those folks who’s like “Oh well this comic is funny but it’s probably a one time thing. I wont read the rest of the comics even though there’s not even 100 of them yet and I can read the whole series on my lunch break.” People talk like that. I know. I hear them.

Chapter 3 is gonna be a blast with several new characters, a crazy new storyline, and super fun stuff! I’m really excited to get it out for you!

We still have a Facebook page if you want to go like this comic. I’d appreciate it and so would these fictional characters. Hey, just because they’re not real doesn’t mean they’re…not…real… I dunno I didn’t think this out fully. Anyway, like the Facebook page, follow me on Twitter, and up or down vote me on Reddit to spread the word of this webcomic! It will always be free, always be family friendly, and hopefully always be funny. I’ll see you guys on Saturday if the sleep madness hasn’t taken me by then. Of course, I’m already seeing vermillion colored space lobsters with Shakespeare’s head so it may have already occurred.