Next comic is gonna reference this new movie I heard about called The Matrix!


Mary is turning twenty freaking one today and I am old! Like really old. Like pants up to my chest shaking my fist at young rabblerousers old. Then again, I was doing that at 16 so that’s not really a good example. Seriously though, Mary you can make my life a living nightmare sometimes and I worry about your health so much it affects my own but when it all comes down to the wire I still wouldn’t have any other littl’un than you. Mary has been my partner in many things such as Pokemon, Bleach, Death Note, Yu Yu Hakusho (I went through an anime thing, okay? Shut up.), as well as a great Donkey Kong partner. She was Diddy. Obviously. What? I was the older sibling! I’m not gonna play as Luigi am I? No, I didn’t think so. No but in all honesty Mary, I love you. Please be safe as you grow up. I won’t always be there to crack open a barrel and save you should you run into an armadillo (AND YOU WILL BECAUSE SCREW THOSE THINGS)

In other news, my dear bride and I are settling into our house quite nicely. I have set up my study with my figurines and comics and so on and so forth and it’s quite nice. Our little dog still isn’t sure how to work the backyard. She walks out onto the porch and seems unsure if that’s where she should pee or if she should walk to the grass or just lie down. Alli’s amazing grandparents got us a mower, which we will desperately need as we have a crab grass invasion that would shame the Franco-Austrian Empire. My awesome father in law got me a brand new weed eater that doubles as an edger and that’s certainly gonna get some serious use too. My own incredible dad got me a hedge trimmer and that’ll definitely be used! Listen to me! I sound like a bona fide lawn-caring adult! Next you know I’ll be getting up at seven on a Saturday morning to start the engines of these things because people shouldn’t sleep the day away! Then maybe I’ll even have a beer!! …Okay, maybe an apple juice. Baby steps here, guys.

Anyway it is around 11:30 here and I am heading to bed. I have the actual paying job in the morning. The actual soul-crushing, dream-stomping, pencil-pushing job. That’s right kids! Adulthood is full of excitement! Grow up now and take on responsibilities! AH HA HA HA hA hA Ha huh hah hooo a bloo hoo hoo….

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