He only asked because she already had tickets to the gun show. It’s being held this Sunday at the local flea market. And come on! Everyone knows there ain’t no party like a Lilliputian party because a Lilliputian party is made up of miniscule sentient beings with the capability of performing complex sociological tasks such as celebrating en masse, a feat that is unrivaled by anything their size in the animal kingdom.

Also, there’s always one tool who shows up to a party in a toga. Always. ESPECIALLY in ancient Greece. I mean honestly, it’s not funny if EVERYBODY is doing it guys. I keep telling them that but every window I look out of it’s the same thing. I even threw a beer can at one of the windows but it bounced off and everyone on the other side pretended not to notice. What losers. Anyway, that’s why I’m not allowed in the museum anymore.

This comic goes out to my buddy Alex, his brother Drew, and two other pals Nathan and Ben. I am a bad friend for not going to your show last night. You guys are an awesome band and I really wanted to go but it just didn’t work out. I owe you guys big time.