Phew! Okay so blog post! Wow, so much has happened this last week. My lovely wife and I bought a house so now I’m a grown up with a big boy job and a mortgage who draws comics and laughs at fart jokes in his spare time, which is depressing on a variety of levels. Anyway, it’s a tiny little house but it’s ours and it has a backyard for our furry four-legged daughter to roll around in, preferably on top of dead things as she is wont to do. There are these two adorable little bunnies that like to sneak through our neighbor’s fence to feast on this pretty Rose of Sharon we have in the backyard and I’m terrified that Ammy will try to play with them and give them a heart attack. That’d be a great way to introduce ourselves to the neighborhood. “Hi! We’re your new neighbors! Our idiot dog killed your rabbit.” We went shopping to get the essentials like a fridge and internet and oreos (some of which may have been more essential than others, now that I think of it). So we’re settling in quite nicely. I was sick this weekend with a cold gifted to me by a coworker so I couldn’t help my wife unpack everything. She promptly made me feel worse by painting the ENTIRE GORRAM HOUSE. The woman was a machine. It makes me wonder what would have gotten done if I had been able to pitch in. Quite possibly, nothing. I tend to be more of a hindrance than a help in such situations. But seriously, a big thanks to my Inlaws who put me and the wife up for a few days while the house closed, and a big thanks to my parents who also stored our stuff and helped us move too. We couldn’t have done it without you guys. Well, we couldn’t have done it and remained fully sane without you guys.

In case you were away this past week, I had some great guest art by some great guys posted up here on the site! First went to my good pal and greatly talented vinyl aficianado Stephen McGee of Raindogs fame with his apocalyptic take on Ninja and Pirate. Then I had a new friend of mine Justin Voss of the seriously cool A Damaged Childhood take over the reins and depict what may or may not be a part of my biography with Ninja taking a board game EXACTLY AS SERIOUS AS IT SHOULD BE TAKEN AND ANYONE WHO SAYS OTHERWISE IS A LIAR. Then I had a double-whammy post with a comic by my buddy with the cool name Axton Kahler of the delightfully bizarre Zombie Oaks that also may or may not hit a little close to home for me. Joe Edens of the vivid vector-art of veritible vestige Rabbid Force did some awesome fan art on that same post! Thanks for coming in and pulling my bacon out of the fire! Also, I should probably keep a close eye on bacon when I’m cooking it.

Anyway, work is picking back up right now, like A LOT so I am gonna go before I get fired. See you guys on Saturday! Don’t forget to like our Facebook page at and follow me on Twitter at @NinjaandPirate! Bye!