Oh well hey folks! Welcome to my evil lair! How did you find me? It was the big sign that said ‘EVIL LAIR’ wasn’t it? I’ve been meaning to get rid of that. Anyway, let me strap you into this overly elaborate death machine and then leave so we can do it again same Bat-Time same Bond-Channel.

So, it’s the last Ninja and Pirate of this story arc! The next one is gonna be great! It involves potato guns, Valkyries, love, betrayal, and other cool stuff! Here’s the first one in the storyline: RIGHT HERE. CLICK HERE. You know, if you like plot progression and characterization and all of that stuff.  

Next week I’m gonna have a single panel Ninja and Pirate comic like I did for Thanksgiving because it’s Christmas. Then I have some great guest comics lined up because I have some major life changes coming around the corner. Laundry doesn’t do itself you know! (Also, my wedding) The lovely Scorrosive of the strangely adorable and greatly enjoyable Turnip Warrior could  be doing one. She’s amazingly funny and sharp witted. Seriously, she thinks of stuff instantly that I never could. You will never read anything like what she puts out. WARNING there may be makeouts involved in the comic. She does that. She’s great and has a very cool comic and a unique (and not uneducated) style, meaning that her style is individual but she knows what she’s doing. Look at the comic. You’ll understand. And be a better person because of it.

I’ve talked to my good friend, we’ll call her Sprech, over at what is one of the most artistically amazing webcomics available: Hot Stuff and she might do one too if she’s not too busy with school. Seriously, this girl is amazing. She can show motion like no one else I know. Everything that’s great about cartoon art she’s got. I kind of hate her for that because I’ll never be that good. So that’s exciting.

I still don’t have enough read­ers to start ped­dling merch like t-shirts and plushies and what­not so tell your friends about Ninja and Pirate and get them to read it! Use them for your own per­sonal gain! More read­ers means more comics and more every­thing: a bet­ter site, bet­ter user friend­li­ness, more merch, and more yuks. As of now I can’t jus­tify mak­ing more than one comic a week but if I can get to a cou­ple hun­dred view­ers every Wednes­day I’ll be able to upgrade to more comics per week which means more enjoy­ment for you! So really you’re help­ing your­self as much as you are me! So get the word out there about Ninja and Pirate!

Remember, you can fol­low my Twit­ter @ninjaandpirate! andI’m always open for cri­tiques and ques­tions and com­ments at ninja_pirate_comic@yahoo.com so shoot me a line and tell me what you think!

Well that’s it for now, folks. I’m gonna climb onto this rocket-propelled unicycle and jettison away cackling maniacally. Enjoy your inevitable demise, foolish do-gooder! Ah ha ha ha ha!