There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as the quad and as timeless as Dave Matthews. It is the middle ground between Four Loco and Natty Ice, between swag and yolo, and it lies between the pit of Ultimate Frisbee and the summit of his Gamerscore. This is the dimension of Fraternization. It is an area which we call the Twilight Brone.

First and foremost, for those of you who may not know, one of the most brutal tornadoes we’ve ever encountered ripped through Oklahoma a few days ago taking lives and homes. It’s times like these when humanity bands together and the true power of what is mankind can be seen. People are in need of help and others are delivering. If you could do your part and text REDCROSS to 90999, which will then provide a $10 donation to the efforts of cleaning up Moore and OKC, it would be appreciated by more than just myself. Even as a jaded, cynical misanthrope I realize when people need help and this is one of those times. Don’t make me start playing Sarah McLachlan.

In happier and more exciting news: Dallas Comic-Con was a blast! I am still exhausted from drawing my tuchis off but man it was worth it. Thanks to all the people who came down to see me and I hope you enjoyed yourself! Mrs. Admin and I made some really cool pictures like a Constantine, an X-23, a Hawkeye, and like four Thanoses…Thanosi? Thanosees? Mad Titans. I met some super cool folks and saw some familiar faces (like the girl whose name I still don’t know who bought a button and a print and is just super cool because she’s come to see me at every con). I got some really fun commissions like a Beta-Ray Bill, a big ol’ Appa, and a giant picture of a family of Yodas that got finished LAST NIGHT! That’s how busy we were but dang it was super fun. I’m looking forward to the next con in October!

I have a good buddy on Twitter who goes by the name of both Stephen and ‘The Conquerer’ who has an amazing (but NOT all ages due to some heavy language) comic called Raindogs. It’s one of my favorite serial webcomics out there on the series of tubes and he let me do a guest comic! It was incredibly fun to do AND it features Pirate in a Dalek costume! It was a totally-canon crossover event so have fun figuring out THAT timeline, NERDS! Check it out and check out three days a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for some seriously good fun. Stephen is an awesome guy with great taste in music so you should get along well. His characters also have hilariously large eyes which makes me giggle.

Furthermore, the super cool folks at featured me in their weekly podcast!! Yes they talked about Ninja and Pirate on this podcast (number 44) and said some seriously kind things about it. I didn’t even need to grease their palms with too much money! They just did it! The webcomic is not okay for wee ones (due to language) but is totally worth checking out. It’s interesting with some insightful points and even makes a top four list of Ninja and Pirate sayings. The moment I because a top 4 list on the internet is the moment I knew I was on a top four list on the internet. You should seriously check these guys out because they give some great exposure to indie comics and are great to listen to. In the first five minutes of the Ninja and Pirate podcast, a bearditorium is mentioned and the world is a better place for that. It was a great way to celebrate my soon to be one-year anniversary of my comic!

In less exciting news, the vision in my right eye seems to be getting worse. I dunno what it is, but everything is blurry and filmy. If Ninja and Pirate starts to look a little grainy soon you’ll know why.

Ninja and Pirate twice a week announcement extravaganza!!! After the 50th comic Ninja & Pirate will DOUBLE in frequency! That’s almost quadrupling in frequency!! (I’m not good at math) This is comic 47, I believe, so in the next three weeks Ninja and Pirate will start posting on Wednesday and SATURDAY!! Keep on reading and being awesome folks! I couldn’t and wouldn’t keep doin this without you! In the words of David Essex: Rock on.