Hey everybody!

You know, interesting fact about the hobo in panel two. In high school, where Ninja and Pirate originated, I was on the school paper. I was originally told that any comic I drew for the paper had to be educational or political. So I quickly scribbled out an idea that I actually grew more attached to the more I drew. It was a strip called “Homeless Man” and it starred a Hobo who was rather dim and his highly intelligent pet talking Chihuahua, Chorky. The Hobo heard someone call him a ‘homeless man’ once and believed from then on he was a superhero named ‘Homeless Man’. It was going to be a biting commentary on social ideals and the inefficacy of the government man because I was 16 and knew just everything about how the world works, you sheeple. Needless to say, I didn’t ever draw a single full comic of it. He would have worked better as an animation anyway. Still, I grew quite attached to the character. I think it’s a kindred spirit kind of thing seeing as people generally give both of us a wide berth, likely due to our unapologetic lack of bathing and general personal hygiene. Oh, and we’re hairy and share a fondness for tacos. But mostly the hygiene thing.

So things are absolutely insane at work due to one of my bosses leaving and another coworker being out sick for the week AND I have a commission I’m struggling to complete because I promised the poor woman I’d do it and she put her faith in me and things are so chaotic that I’m just running on fumes and you can tell I’m tired because GASP a run on sentence. Strunk and White will not be pleased.

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