Hey everybody! I am so sorry this is just a title card! I had to remake my entire site last minute and things got crazy so I’m kind of phoning it in. This is an old school piece I did my junior year with N&P put on it because believe it or not it is quite appropriate for Chapter 3. Oh, what’s that? A cliffhanger? A clue? Will there be pirate ships? Aliens? Ink splatters? Phones? You’ll have to stick around to find out!

If you like this page, or this comic, then let it be known on Facebook at facebook.com/ninjaandpiratecomics or follow me on the Twitter @ninjaandpirate ! Again, I’m sorry for this title card post but I’m hoping the rest of the chapter makes up for it. The first couple comics will be one off gags to lead the new viewers who you have told/forced to read the comic into the story and then I’ll slam the trap of plot and intrigue down!! Last time all I got with that is a couple of film critics.

Thanks for sticking around! Any comments or critiques or complaints can be written and voiced by leaving a comment or on the Facebook page! See you guys Saturday for a brand new comic!