That being said, welcome! I am now a married man, as shown by my last post. Things are going well for the time being. I’m bunking with the Mrs. and her folks which is nice but I feel bad for putting them out. It’s just sort of ended up like that since we can’t find a ruttin’ house to save our lives. Blah. Did you guys know that banks kind of suck? Because they do. A lot. We’re thinking of getting an apartment but we’ve gotta find one that will put up with our forty-five pound Boxer-Lab mix, Ammy. The thing is she’s one of the most well-behaved dogs I’ve ever seen but since she’s a moose we’ll have to pay out the butt for her, which is unpleasant because I don’t normally keep my wallet up there.

In other news, Ninja, Pirate, and I are going to be attending the Sci-Fi Expo in Dallas, TX February 9th and 10th and you should totally come! It’s gonna be great! I’ll have prints of stuff, original work, business cards, body odor, a grimace, and poor facial hygeine!

I’ve also started working on the scripts for a bunch of issues of Ninja and Pirate down the line and I am so super excited for it. The guys are gonna meet some great new characters, have some super neat adventures, and I’ll also throw in the origin story for Doctor Whoo! Ninja’s gonna meet some of Pirate’s relatives and we might even get a visit from outer space!  I’m super stoked for this and you should be too!

Ninja and Pirate seem to be doing rather well so thanks if you’ve had any part in it! I’d really like to start producing some merchandise for you guys, like t-shirts and stuff, so if anyone would be interested just let me know. I’ve got some designs but I need to know if there’s a market for it first and just how big that market will be. Not to mention if you have a shirt for Ninja and Pirate your friends will be like “Hey what is that shirt from?” And you’ll be like “Uh, duh. The shirt store. What is your brain from? The stupid store?” and then they’ll run off crying and you’ll feel kind of bad but then eat some mac n’ cheese and forget all about stupid what’s-her-face and her shirt brain. But if you’re NOT a total jerkwad like me, which I know you’re not, you’ll be all like “Oh it’s from Ninja and Pirate.” They’ll say “Oh neat what’s that?” “Oh it’s this super-cool and amazing webcomic that you should read.” And then they’ll read it and be all like “Oh my God that was the best thing ever! Thank you for introducing it to me! Let us do kissing with our mouths now because you are so cool and attractive!” That will happen. Verbatim.

So I bought a comic that I had read before to read it again and I just want to sing its praises on here. WE3 by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely is a stark, grim, and evocative story like nothing else out there. The panel distribution they do is phenomenal and it shows just what the craft can do. It’s about three pets: a dog, a cat, and a rabbit, who become basically robotic soldiers for the United States Air Force. They get cybernetically enhanced into brutal killing machines and when they break free we get a glimpse into the dormant humanity left in them, which is strange because they are, again, housepets. It’s insanely emotional and thought-provoking and I’d highly recommend it. It is very violent and graphic, however so be warned. It’s right up there with Old Man Logan, which some of you may know is one of my favorite stories, in terms of graphic violence. However, like in Old Man Logan, the violence isn’t there for shock value. It serves a purpose and is supposed to make you uncomfortable. I seriously can’t recommend WE3 enough. It’s totally different from Ninja and Pirate so don’t go in expecting wacky hijinx and cartoony art schemes.

For this week’s random observation, what made The Turtles ask about climate conditions in the middle of Happy Together? Was that really important to know or was it secretly the whole point of the song? Like he needed to know the temperature but she wouldn’t tell him until he agreed to love her till the end of time? It’s like if Meat Loaf was a meteorologist. Just a thought. Also, do you ever stop to think that maybe Pinky was the super intelligent one all along? Like maybe he sabotaged all of Brain’s plans on purpose because he sees the fallacy and inpractical nature of two lab mice taking over the world but hides behind the idiot’s facade in order to go unnoticed. Food for thought.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to let me know what you think! And tell your friends about Ninja and Pirate!