Pacific Rim 2 is announced for the day after my birthday 2017! I can only hope the plot is they travel back in time to lay the smack down on some Nazis only to learn that, OH NO! Nazi’s have time-traveled to the past and teamed up with the dinosaurs! I would watch that with bells on.

Anyway, here’s the start to Chapter 5 of Ninja and Pirate! Tell your friends to read it! Or else you’ll come up with some sort of threat or something! You won’t enact the threat, you’ll just come up with it. I know right? The horror.

You know what the worst thing about phones is? They are so tiny! You have to squint when you’re pooping in order to read them! Not to mention they’re all metal and slick and before you know it you’ve dropped your phone in the poop-water! Aw, man! But wait- what if there was a way to read your favorite webcomics on the toilet WITHOUT having to squint at a tiny screen or wipe resipoo off the screen? (That was a portmanteau of ‘residue’ and ‘poo’. Deal with it.) Well then do I have good news for you! Because right now the first ever Ninja and Pirate BOOK is available at!  It collects chapters one and two on paper and mails it right to you! It’s ten bucks! That’s all! Replacing a phone can be a hassle, and an expensive one at that! Instead just buy an easily replaceable collection of compressed wood pulp for a mere Hamilton! It’s designed to double as toilet paper in the need of an emergency! WOW!

Do you want to support Ninja and Pirate but don’t feel like parting with any of your hard earned cash? No problem! I can go for days without eating! Also, you can still support the comic for as little as ZERO DOLLARS A DAY! The Facebook page can always use more likes. Each and every day a SINGLE CLICK right HERE at the Top Webcomics Site will help boost Ninja and Pirate’s visibility! Or if you really enjoyed this, my Reddit page can always use upvotes! Most helpful (other than buying the book) is to tell your friends about Ninja and Pirate and convince them to read it! It’ll give you something else to talk about! Or, you know, text about. Because that’s what the kids do today right? That and listen to 8-tracks and play Old Maid or something right? Jeez, kids today. When I was your age all I had was a PlayStation and a Gameboy and a computer and I was happy with it!