Hey everybody! I got me a Patreon! It’s a cool monthly subscription thing that will not only support me and this comic you like, BUT it ALSO gives you some SUPER NEAT REWARDS, including getting each comic BEFORE IT COMES OUT! Like if you want to see Saturday’s comic but don’t want to wait until Saturday then guess what? You get it on Wednesday! You want Wednesday’s comic but think Wednesday’s are lame middlemen? BAM! You got it on Saturday! Imagine how cool your friends will think you are when you tell them what happens next in the story and then turn out to be right! People will think you’re psychic and then you’ll be famous and have to find dead bodies for the police! How glamorous! You can even pledge to a tier level that gets an exclusive Ninja and Pirate comic every month that won’t be featured on this site! How cool is that? VERY, is the answer. Anyway, I hope you’ll check it out and then get ready to strap in because we’re starting this chapter and nothing is going to stop it unless of course it turns out the universe is a false vacuum which ruptures and then we’d all be nonexistent before we could realize it. Neat huh?