Thanks for sticking around through those awesome guest pieces but Ninja and Pirate is FINALLY BACK with a BRAND SPANKING NEW STORY CHAPTER! I’m incredibly excited about it! It’s got tension, intrigue, emotions and all that nonsense, but what it also has what every good story SHOULD have: explosions, girls in bikinis, lizard men from space, and butts!! (Eisner academy I am awaiting your letters). Come back on Wednesday to see what Pirate and Ninja received in the mail! It’s some pretty heavy stuff! Well…to a termite. A termite would consider it physically heavy is what I’m getting at I guess. Anyway, I am so excited to be back and bringing you my first story based chapter in a YEAR! I think. I dunno. Time moves differently when you have an infant and a pregnant wife. Uh, not in that order. Obviously.


And yes I realize the mailman sort of looks like Nick Offerman. That was a coincidence that could not be avoided.