This comic stars someone who is quite possibly the biggest  Ninja and Pirate fan outside of those people who have to like it because I know where they live: my lovely coworker Lauralis! She loves this comic (bless her, she’s kind of touched in the head apparently) and asked to be in it and because of her support and readership and the fact that she’s technically my superior what could I do but say yes? Well, lots of stuff actually but none of them were particularly practical or related.

In other news, my sister’s birthday was on Monday and she turned 27 and also doomed the world while she was at it! See, nearly every year something catastrophically bad happens on Timmie’s birthday, usually to her. This March 11, Kim Jong “Crazy Pants” Un decided to call off the armistice that kept it from nuking everything, effectively becoming a mentally unstable friend running around waving a lit roman candle. So when the nuclear vapor turns us all into hideously deformed mutants with extra appendages and none of Godzilla’s beneficiary trademarks, we can all blame my sister. Just a public service announcement for you.

HOLY COW! You guys are awesome! Ninja and Pirate got nearly 1,000 views last week which is astounding! I’m gonna be starting to sell merchandise and stuff for you all as soon as I figure out how. Anyone with any good tips on how to do any of that marketing and merchandising razzamatazz can email me at or get in contact with me on the Twitter @ninjaandpirate! Again, thank you guys so much for your interest- feigned, genuine, and otherwise! This is super exciting! If you like the comic let me know and I’ll do my best to keep up the stuff you enjoy! If you don’t like it, also let me know because I can’t improve if I don’t know what’s wrong! If you take the red pill, you find out how deep this rabbit hole goes. The answer is about 5 feet deep. They don’t burrow too deep, rabbits. Also, that pill was concentrated PCP.

I might write more later depending on how traffic is during the workday tomorrow. As for now I am sleepy and going to bed. Good night, all! Except for you, Greg. You have a SUCKY night. Because! You know what you did… you jerk.