I’m hanging out with my buddy Alex and his brother Drew today. They are two of the funniest people I have ever met and I will never be as humorous as they are. So, of course, I tried to come up with a SUPER funny comic so that way when I went over to their place I could be like “Hey funny guys! You’re funny! I’m funny too, see? Yeah! Let’s go high five each other in the street so people know we’re friends.” So I sat down at 8 o’clock this morning to put down the funniest comic I had ever done. 9 o’clock. Still nothing. Ten? Eleven? Twelve? One a clock hit and I. Had. Nothing. So, panicking in order to meet the deadline, I delved into a bag of old idioms to find one to take to literally and hope it was amusing. Is it? I don’t know. Was it as good as I was hoping? Heck no. I was like “C’mon brain! Let’s be funny today!” and my brain was like “Hey, remember in high school that embarrassing thing you did? Wow. Let’s dwell on that!” So needless to say, here is a comic. I hope it causes you to blow air out your nostrils a little more forcefully than usual.

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