I always have trouble when it comes to drawing ethnicities. Each ethnicity (European, African, Asian, Latin) has their own unique physical characteristics. Since everything is simplified and stylized in this style, those unique traits, such as larger lips for most Africans or the inability to jump for caucasian men, need to be exaggerated in order for the ethnicity to read correctly. I guess there’s just a fine line between cartoon exaggeration and blatant offensive stereotyping. I’m just always concerned that I will offend someone one of these days when I try to draw, say a Korean’s eyes, for example, or me trying to dunk and it comes out completely insensitive and inaccurate.

That being said, I apologize if anyone finds this comic offensive. It was not made with any malicious intent nor desire to offend any of the Latino community. Or Mormons. But I don’t know how they’d respond to being offended. Maybe they would ignore me? Like pass by my house because they’re mad at me? Yeah! That’s it! Hey, Mormons I hope you found this super offensive because you…uh global warming or something!!





I’m sorry Mormons. I didn’t mean it. Can we be friends again?