I am curious about the, frankly, questionable workplace practices of Gizmonic Institute. Primarily, how is it that two employees can go missing without someone in Payroll asking questions? Secondly, why do you possess so many terrible B-movies? Thirdly, how can I apply?

Holy cow you see all this color?! Where the heck did that come from? Find out on Saturday with an all new comic where things get pretty crazy! This sudden color is part of the story of Ninja and Pirate (true) and was planned all along from the beginning (false)!

In other news, my younger sister is doing better since her recent history and brief residence at the hospital which is a great load off of my mind. Also, in more exciting, and less medicinally horrific, news: a good buddy of mine who had some awesome 5th Panel Guest Art work up for my site over HERE CLICK CLICKITY CLICK wrote up an awesome review of Ninja and Pirate! It’s right over HERE CLICKITY CLICK CLICK CLAROO and it makes me blush like a bride that’s wearing too much blush and also has very red cheeks. And now that I’ve nauseated you all with the mental image of me in a wedding gown I’m goin to bed. Good night everybody!

And yes, I think romantic comedies pose a potential threat and are inundating young girls with the thought that they can’t be successful, pretty, or happy without a Y Chromosome breaking down their front door. By which I mean a man because if a giant sentient Y Chromosome broke down anyone’s door I would be on my way to an underground bunker because everything I had known about science and the world would have just been proven terribly false. So I think they send the wrong message. So sue me.


Please don’t. I’m very poor.