Hey everybody! Sorry about Wednesday. ComicPress decided to get a facelift and in that facelift I had to REDO RUTTIN’ EVERYTHING! Sigh. Anyway, here’s the first comic of chapter 3. I’m gonna have several one-off jokes so new readers (like your friends, siblings, enemies, or literate household pets) can be eased into the story. I always try to do my best to let each comic read on it’s own without having to know too much backstory though so Ninja and Pirate is really easy to jump into! Here’s a link to the first comic: OH HEY LOOK AT THAT A LINK JUST LIKE THAT GUY SAID HOW NEATO IS THAT?

So what’s going on with humble ol’ me? Well I’m at home this weekend as my dear wife seeks adventure in Dallas. So it’s bachelor life for me! By which I mean sammiches, hard cider, vidja games, and comicking. Wow! I am a party ANIMAL! Watch out Lindsay Lohan! You know who is coming up fast! (Clearly, I mean Voldemort and was warning Ms. Lohan to the danger.)

I’m gonna have some super awesome stuff to do this weekend that only a comic superstar like me can do. What you ask? Mowing the lawn, cleaning the house, doing the dishes, that sort of thing. You know. No biggie. That’s right. Be jealous.

Anyway, I’m going to FAN DAYS in October and anyone in the Dallas area can come see me! Well, also people like Neal Adams and Bernie Wrightson but also ME! Guys? Anyone? There will be a bunch of cool stuff going on and I’ll have a lot of cool prints and stuff. Let’s see if I can say cool and stuff again. Wow. My diction is slipping. Welp, I guess I’m gonna go to bed then!

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