And lo began the immortal fables of Coolguy McAwesome and Buttlicker, two heroes that quested their way into the history books. We will never forget the noble sacrifice of Buttlicker during the Final Goblin Battle when he stood against the foul Goblin King Jerkface and ran his legendary sword Cutty Bleedstabber through the defenses so that Coolguy McAwesome could land the killing blow and, as always, receive the XP and loot. Such were the ways of heroes. Such were the ways of old.

On a side note, it was brought to my attention that in some browsers my site would redirect users to a page which required a download of malware disguised as a Java update. This has been nipped in the bud thoroughly, mainly thanks to the awesome skills of a certain Mike Damboldt who writes and draws the intergalactic epic Space Barista as well as many many more! Thanks man! Give his comic a view or two because he has certainly earned it! My apologies to any and all affected by this development.

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