Wesley of Nameless PCs is one talented dude. His comics crack me up and not just due to his big trapezoidal schnoz. I normally don’t have trouble replicating a style, I mean everything is all lines and curves and dots, right? Wesley has a style that shifts ever so slightly to meet the comic he is drawing. Everything keeps the same overall appearance but is tweaked ever so slightly to make the style overall rather inimitable. Thankfully he is also a super nice and bizarre guy. I had the pleasure of doing one of those Google+ Circle calls with him and my buddy Michael. I can’t tell you how it got there but we got to talking about space dragon prehensile privates after about 10 minutes of ‘how do you dos’. Good times. Good times. Nameless PCs is a mix running fromĀ bizarre surrealism and touching fatherhood-type comics. Give his work a look, because it’s totally worth it. Thanks buddy! I owe ya one!