BIG thanks to my buds Alex and Drew for helping me out with this one! Alex and Drew are two of the most seriously talented guys I know. Not only do they have an amazing band (with an AMAZINGLY GOOD ALBUM) but they also run a hilarious website that’s basically like Cracked’s best work (so it’s NOT for kids) but about geeky stuff (IT’S CALLED GEEK MELEE AND IT’S GREAT) AND they also have a YouTube series that is legitimately some of the best (also not for kids) videos I’ve seen on the Internet. If I had one wish it would be for Spider-Man powers. But if I had two wishes then the second one would definitely have to do with me being half as funny and talented as those two jokers. Thanks guys. I wish the comic had come out better but at least you now know what I think of you…that you’re jerks.