God this comic was tough. To write, to get it right, to draw, to tone, to letter- just everything. Phew. Glad it’s done. Not totally happy with it, especially in the execution of the joke but hey it’s a learning process, right? The fact that I’m not successful at this after four years of comic making doesn’t mean I’m not funny, right? Guys? God, why are there so many crickets out today? Weird. Anyway, I’m going to be trying some new stuff with my art in the near future to try to get the elements of the foreground to blend in better with the background and make my characters stylization seem less weird to newcomers while still retaining the Ninja and Pirate style and feel. Gonna be weird and adventurous but I hope it turns out beneficial. Thinking of going a German expressionism kind of feel for the background elements, which may be tough because that means that most tools of perspective have gone down by the wayside. It’s really tough to ignore the necessary rules while still implementing them. Odd. Anyway, I’m just rambling now so I’m gonna head off. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you again on Wednesday, hopefully!


Oh also, I have been having some issues with my site on mobile platforms with it redirecting people to questionable “OMG ur compootr iz drrty dwnload dis soopr legit antivirus softwars it’ll klane dat rit up for ya lol thx bai” kind of sites. I think it may have been nipped in the bud with some precautionary steps taken this week but if ANYONE encounters ANYTHING questionable with my site (OTHER THAN ITS CONTENT HYUK HYUK HYUK AMIRITE?) please let me know at ninja_pirate_comic@yahoo.com! Thanks folks!