Yeah I don’t really know what kind of demographic I’m trying to reach with this comic. Though I do exist within the cross-section of the Venn Diagram mapping Film Critics and Pokemon Lovers, there may be like four other people there with me. Anyway, this sets up the lead in for Saturday’s comic, which may I remind IS a thing, which is a joke I’ve been wanting to write for a while. Anyway, this comic is dedicated to my buddy’s band The Taylor Machine because I’m pretty sure everyone in the band will at least appreciate the terrible set up of this week’s comic.

Lot’s of big news goin on here. The wife and I are house hunting, which believe it or not, does NOT involve taking howitzers into neighborhoods and wreaking havoc. I know. Weird. I thought it would be the easiest hunting trip ever. I mean you see houses literally everywhere and you can sneak up on them with no problem. We’ve had some bad experience with our landlord/lady for a while and we’re finally fed up and movin on out.

Anyway, a buddy of mine over at Zombie Oaks Comic named Axton co-created this thing called 5th Panel Guest Art and he made one for last week’s second comic! Check it out:


Pretty neat, huh? Anyway, that’s all I can say for  now. Thanks for all the views of last week’s comic! There were nearly 1,500 views last Saturday! I’m stoked Ninja and Pirate may finally be getting some fans! You know, other than my mom. Who pretty much has to love it. It’s law I think. Child services says everything your kid makes needs to be put up on the fridge. I’m going to be a terrible father. “What the heck is this?! Where did you learn three point perspective?! Do you have 12 different vanishing points in this picture? And where’s the chiaroscuro? I have less definition than this macaroni has flavor! Make it again and this time don’t embarrass yourself!”