What’s this? ALIENS? You’ve gone too far Mr. Flanders! That’s just crazy! What with a Ninja and a Pirate and a Valkyrie and an Owl this is too much!

Okay admittedly things are getting kind of crazy here but stick with me because it will be worth it. Are you wondering why Ninja and Pirate is suddenly in color? Well this story will not only explain that, but add some intrigue and action to the comic! The meat of chapter 3 begins right here folks! I want you to meet Al, the newest member of the Ninja and Pirate cast of characters. I hope you enjoy his story as much as I have. Remember to let me know what you think about all these changes. Too much? Too little? Too good? Too bad? Tutu?

Speaking of tutus and horrible segways I am currently at the Green Country Comics and Gaming Convention!! Come see me and tell me the code word to get a free commission sketch of any character you want! What’s the secret slime action? Being Danny Tamberelli of course! But what’s the code word? Hmm…why don’t we go with my dog’s name? Amaterasu! (Or Ammy for short). I hope to see you there!