Hey there!

You want a commission? I do good commission for you! Many lines and much color! You e-mail me, yes? ninja_pirate_comic@yahoo.com! It very good! Like art? Get art! Buy art for you and pretty girlfriendwife! You tell me what you want and I make for you! I send to you e-mail or by most important mailperson! My rates very flexible for fellow comrade! Righteous democratic government even allow payment plans for art commission! Such concern for its many peoples! Everybody deserve art! All equal! Not all art equal, but all equal under most important government! My art not capitalist pig dog! It loyal to comrade customer! It fall in line with whatever comrade customer orders! You want realistic art? I make realistic art for you! I make realistic patriot sheep! I make realistic sad clown! I make realistic capitalist-hating unicycle bear! He happy to leave family for the smiles of great nation’s children! You don’t want realistic art? You say it compete for the glory of life and liberty under most important flag! No problems! I make cartoon for you! I make cartoon patriotic sheep! I make cartoon sad clown! I make cartoon capitalist-hating unicycle bear! He juggles and not at all miss children! You e-mail me now with orders and we will create many art together for glory of most important life president!


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