You should go see X-Men: Days of Future Past. It’s a pretty darn good movie. It does suffer a bit from still thinking the year is 2001 but it is definitely one of the strongest of the entire franchise, if not THE strongest but I hesitate to say that because I may reconsider it against First Class after the excitement wears down. I mean it has some plot holes that would dwarf Mastermold and Colossus, Sunspot, Bobby, Warpath, Bishop, Blink, and Storm are little more than set pieces but overall it is still a great mashup of character-driven story and visually stunning action. Seriously, the fights in this movie are the most brutal of any X-Men movie by far and Brian Singer has FINALLY learned how to direct action so that we can tell what’s going on. Remember that awesome scene where Nightcrawler nearly assassinated the president in X2? Remember how it had to be slowed down by like 4x so we could actually see all of the cool stuff Nightcrawler was doing? Yeah, well the action scenes in this movie are all like that one except we aren’t expecting John Madden to come in and circle mutants in yellow marker going “Now shee tha prublem har iz that Collawsus iz jus’ punshin and punshin this Sent’nal har an he’z not movin’ it haff a yard!” That analogy got away from me. Sorry. Madden vernacular is hard.

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