Okay so I have ten minutes before I have to leave for my REAL job. What can I say in ten minutes?

Well I could give a dissertation on Henrik Ibsen’s contributions to the field of literature. Or I could do something more exciting and talk about, you know, anything but that.

The lake was a fun mini-vacation and I slept in the car due to unforeseen circumstances. More fun was I got to see some of my buds I haven’t seen for a while and talk to them about stuff that made it seem like we were in high school again. By that I mean we talked about the XBone 180, vidja games, animoo, and who would win in a fight between Deadpool and Batman. We talked about these things because we’re, you know, adults.

Work has been really stressful what with it being the beginning of the month and all. Not to mention we have a new boss for our team and it’s going…well, less than stellar as of now due to the change upheaval and whatnot. So thankfully I’ll get tomorrow off due to it being a holiday and I am taking the next day off too for a MUCH NEEDED four day vacation. During which I am going to…I dunno, sleep? Do handstands? I haven’t really thought this out.

Ninja and Pirate has some exciting things that are quickly approaching the bend. Once chapter three starts we’re gonna meet some new characters like Al, Marty, and Rob! Those names mean nothing to you yet and I revel in your confusion! We still have a Facebook page that you can go and like if you feel so inclined and I do have a twitter account you can follow me at. It has the totally unique and unexpected name of @ninjaandpirate that you can see all me and my bizarre webcomic brethren tweet incessantly on. Seriously, we’re like the most discordant collection of birds with bizarre observational humor and lobbed pseudo-insults. Enjoy!