This comic is from my good friend Scorrosive! She has a Tumblr and a comic and another comic! She is one of the weirdest people I know with one of the craziest senses of humor around. She also has one of the coolest art styles I know of. Need a cool lookin’ tree? Done.  Need a Psyduck in a necktie? Please. Bespectacled elephant? Right here, bro. She’s great.

In other news I’M GETTING MARRIED THIS WEEKEND! WOW! I am so stressed and frantic about getting all this stuff done on time! It’s insane! However, I’m also happy that the love of my life and I will finally be legally one. Of course, since the accident, we’ve been melded into one for some time now but it’s nice the courts finally will see things from our horrible mutated point of view. It’s a good thing I like her huh?

Anyway, today’s comic is totally canon…..IN AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE!!!! Sorry, I’m pulling from Marvel and DC’s bag of tricks.

If I have time later I will scribe more, but I have to get caught up on work that pays for stuffs. Then some wedding things. Then I’ll write more inane drivel for you to either read or ignore. Yay drivel! Happy New Year’s folks!