Hey everybody! It’s really super early! At least for me it is. Also, I’m lazy. So let’s see what to talk about?

Well, the Mrs. Admin and I are waiting for a few dotted t’s and crossed i’s to get a loan for our house and then we’ll move out of our tiny apartment! Which is good because then we’ll have a backyard for the pup and won’t be cramped and dealing with landlords. Of course the idea of owing someone copious amounts of money when I’m still paying off my absurd student loan debt keeps me up at night but hey who needs sleep? Not me! Not me…. god, I’m so tired.

Anyway, I went to go see Pacific Rim on Sunday and oh my god you guys I loved it! Of course, I AM a sucker for giant monster movies. I’m one of those guys who gets all misty eyed when someone mentions Gigan. Heck, I named my Hydreigon in Pokemon White 2 ‘Ghidorah’. Yep. As if I wasn’t already a prize to bring home to meet the folks, I also play Pokemon. Avidly. Ladies, I’ll be awaiting your calls. Seriously though, this movie was a gamble for the studio and it’s original and the special effects are worth seeing on its own. The acting of the main character is rather wooden and there are some plot holes but the fight scenes are spectacular because you can actually tell what the heck is going on. Most of the time. A lot of it takes place at night so there are some problems there. Seriously, you need to go see this movie. I give it an 8/10 partly because I’m biased and love monster flicks. My dear wife gave it 7/10 but considering how she didn’t want to see it and I dragged her to it anyway I think that’s good. Really, I dragged her kicking and flailing into the theatre. We got some looks.

Also, because I live a sad depressing life, I won tickets at work to a screening of Red 2! I participated in a movie trivia game at work and got most of the questions right because I don’t know how to socialize with people and prefer movies where characters tell me their emotions verbatim. Red 2 is also insanely good, thanks in no small part to Mr. John ‘I May Actually Just Be Crazy in Real Life’ Malkovitch. There is a bit of character development problems when one of the characters decides “Oh hey bee tee dubs I’m totally a good guy now.” for no reason but overall it has some great action and some even greater laughs. I really really enjoyed it and not just because I identify more with older folks than I do my own generation. Seriously, I still listen to shows like Suspense and Gunsmoke on the radio and I shake my fist at teenagers who don’t get off my proverbial lawn. Regardless, you really should see Red 2 when it comes out as well. It’s also probably an 8/10. I can’t decide if it’s better than the first or not but it might be.

So, I’ve avoided talking about myself and instead talked about movies…yep, seems pretty standard. I’m gonna go back to sleep for about 20 minutes now. By which I mean clutch the sheets in terror and hope I don’t end up in a refrigerator box underneath the highway. Don’t forget to like Ninja and Pirate’s Facebook page and follow me on the Twitter at @ninjaandpirate! Take it easy errybody!


I instantly regret saying that…