Sorry, guys. No blog post today. Or at least for right now. I’m dead tired because of a bunch of stuff, not the least of which is this getting a new house thing. It’s insane. So maybe if work permits I will write something tomorrow morning, but we all know how well I’ve done with that in the past.

Anyway, the only thing I’m gonna say is that I did some guest work for my amazingly talented buddy Lunarbaboon right HERE. I had fun doing it. Ninja and Pirate also has a Facebook Page with a pitiful number of likes so go ahead and like that if you would. I would appreciate it and so would Ninja and Pirate.

Saturday’s comic is gonna be a guest spot by my hilarious and highly skilled pal Stephen from Raindogs. He made me some guest work out of the blue and I’ve been sitting on it like a comedy grenade until it was needed. If my house closes on Thursday or Friday then believe me it will be needed. I’m looking forward to it and so should you.

See you later guys, gals, and gorillas! Seriously, Ninja and Pirate has tested insanely well with several groups of Silverback Gorillas. I don’t even know why. Maybe it’s because we’re both big and strong and rugged. Or, more likely, it’s because of our equal appreciation for jokes that involve poop flinging. Yeah. Probably the poop one.