Ninja and Pirate this week heralds the return of the Anunnaki from the planet Nibiru for packets of hot sauce! So it has been foretold, so it shall be!

So FanDays Dallas was an exhausting BLAST. I learned a whole heck of a lot, met a lot of people, saw a lot of sexy costumes of things that should never have sexy costumes made of them, and met some really great folks! I handed out business cards, schmoozed, wined, dined, and drew, and drew, and inked, and drew. Sold some art too, so that validates my quarter of a million dollar degree right? My crippling debt is a thing of the past! I also learned denial!

That being said, some of you may be first time viewers! If you are then I’m sorry. I’m not sure what side effects this webcomic may generate but I’m sure they’re not all positive. Unless we’re talking about the test results. Anyway, here’s a link to the first comic in this storyline: LINK TO SOMETHING HORRIBLE. We’re glad to have you here and I hope you enjoy!! You can leave thoughts, concerns, questions, fan and hate mail at or stalk me and things I say via Twitter @ninjaandpirate!

Keep check­ing back every week to see the adven­tures of Ninja and Pirate each and every Wednes­day. Tell your friends to as well. Tell your enemies to look at it too and then hack their computers to explode in their face! Hollywood can do it and so can you! The more read­ers I have means the more often I can post comics. If I get enough inter­est gen­er­ated in this comic I can start pro­duc­ing mer­chan­dise for you all, and if start mak­ing enough income from this comic I can increase the num­ber of comics to maybe, in time, five per week! I would love to just do comics for you lovely peo­ple, plus it would make the story lines go a lot faster! So tell your friends and loved-ones about Ninja and Pirate and have them do the same! Everybody wins! Except for YOU, ROGER! No, not you the other Roger.

I’m still try­ing to fig­ure out the mobile site and its issues for why some fine folks can’t see the comic on their fancy screens. No progress yet so those in the know are wel­come to include me please. All I know is that on ye olde iPhone at least you can hit the ‘Reader’ but­ton in the search bar and get the comic vis­i­ble. I don’t know how it works on Droids or Black­Ber­rys or Cyber­netic Uplinks but I know it at least works that way on Apple’s license to print money phone.

Enjoy the semi-new links page! In it is a bunch of links that lead to some fan­tas­tic web­comics and blogs that I fre­quent and are well worth your time! The blogs are both edu­ca­tional and amus­ing and the comics are some of the best pro­fes­sional and indie stuff out there. Some of the comic artists even know what they are doing! That’d be a nice change of pace, huh?

I have a deviantart account under the name JMFlan­ders and it has a bunch of my other work on it. Work that’s dras­ti­cally dif­fer­ent from Ninja and Pirate, so be warned. Give it a glance if you want. You’ll find Fan Art, Con­cep­tual Work, and some pretty twisted mon­ster designs! I’m open for com­mis­sions too! You can also fol­low me under the name @ninjaandpirate on Twit­ter! That way you can see my twits in public and it’s totally legal!

Anyway, I hope you guys like the comic so far. I met some people at the con who already knew about it and my mind was blown more than the Hindenburg. …Too soon? Regardless, here’s a shout out to those people who knew me from the con and who’s names I do not remember, and also the guy who works with my dad who already knew about the comic! I have no idea how you guys found me but it’s super cool that you did! Thank ya kindly!