I never really understood the whole deal about Wolverine. I mean, I understand  that he’s gruff and cool and sort of the wild man of the group but he’s not interesting. There are so many other great X-Men who are deeper, who are more complex. Beast, for example, is a brilliant scientist but must wear the demeanor of a feral monster. He can gift humanity with untold secrets of intelligence, but can’t wander into the street without causing babies to cry or parents to hide their children. Perhaps Nightcrawler, a jokester romantic who grew up ostracized, poked, prodded, and ridiculed in front of leering yokels as a literal circus freakshow center ring. Yet he is deeply religious and cares for all mankind. His religion is offset by his demonic appearance and parentage. THESE are characters I want to read about. Logan has far too many backstories to keep straight and his character trope is something we’ve all seen before: the gruff brawler with a heart of gold. Wolverine reacts the same to every situation he’s in- he gets angry and stabs things in order to protect the ones he cares for. If Beast is in a situation, for example, I don’t know if he will use his brain to outsmart the situation, if he will refuse to fight and stand his ground to protect his ideals, or if he will throw off the cuffs and begin to fight. Even Colossus, who’s character is designed to be a brick wall (well, steel sort of but you get my drift) has more humanity and intrigue than James Howlett. To make Wolverine interesting, you have to take away his whole nature, which is part of the reason why Old Man Logan is one of the best comic stories I have ever read. It understands that Wolverine is a one-note character and turns his world, and the world we expect, on its head into an enjoyable, thought provoking, incredibly graphic read. Anyway, that’s all. Just my opinion. I’m not a fan of Wolverine but I can understand why people like him. I’ll see you guys on Wednesday for a new comic!