Well that’s it for Chapter 4 folks!! I hope you enjoyed this one off gag-athon of a chapter! Starting in Chapter 5 we return to MORE one off gags with no continuity so you can jump right in at any point!! Tell your friends to jump right in it! Although make sure to specify what you mean by ‘it’. Hint: It’s this comic. That’s what you mean.

Anyway, this one is for the gamers, specifically those in the glorious PC Master Race, as they are called. The Steam Summer Sale is off and running and Gabe Newell is sitting on his throne of money. Hurray for Valve and their consumer-friendly and customer-based market! Now get on with it and make Team Fortress 6! That’s the one we’re all waiting for right? I dunno, I’m a console gamer. I don’t understand how this works.

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