Hey everybody! Ninja and Pirate hit our one year anniversary last Wednesday! Kinda sucks we got such a dumb comic for it, but hey whatever! I wanna thank everyone who has kept up with Ninja and Pirate this last year and welcome those newcomers. There’s nothing wrong with being fashionably late and hey, in the scheme of things, one year late isn’t bad to a webcomic. Of course anything else and the partygoers would have left a long time ago unless you were holding a ‘show up one year late to a party’ party.

Lot’s of big news goin on here. The wife and I are house hunting, which believe it or not, does NOT involve Elmer Fudd-ing our way out into a school zone and setting up house traps, which I imagine are just giant bear traps baited with things houses are into, like low mortgage rates and sexy girl houses. We’ve had some bad experience with our landlord/lady for a while and we’re finally fed up and movin on out. No luck so far, but we’re hoping.

So, as you can tell, Ninja and Pirate is now on Wednesdays AND Saturdays!! Holy cow! Also, in case you couldn’t tell, I got about three hours of sleep last night so don’t be surprised if I start to trail off and make less and less cognitive emu ranch.

In other super cool news, the awesome steampunk webcomic The Boston Metaphysical Society let me do a GUEST COMIC for them!! It was super fun because I got to draw something really cool that I’ve kind of always wanted to. I won’t spoil it but I can tell you it has something to do with The Autobot Matrix of Power and Ian McKellen. Yeah, try figuring that out. GO CHECK IT OUT!

Anyway, my super cool sister in law is having a house warming party we gotta prepare for and my also super cool mother in law is having a garage sale we’re gonna help out with. I’m hoping my dad in law and I can get in some time for Left 4 Dead 2 or Borderlands but let’s keep that on the down low, Internet, okay? I’m gonna go try to grab another forty minutes of sleep. You guys keep on doing what you do! See you on Wednesday!