Well hello there, viewer! Come in! Sit down! Take a load off! Read a comic! Have a drink! Pet an aardvark! Discover cold fusion! Lick a carnival worker! Anyway, in this weeks comic we see Ninja do something Ninja-like and Pirate cope with a near heart attack followed by utter bewilderment. So apparently even though Ninja is a chubby stout little fella, much like yours truly, he can still deftly land on a landlord’s back unnoticed, unlike yours truly. Seriously, that was one hospital bill that was not fun to explain. Anyway, stay tuned for some funny stuff coming up in the next few weeks! I’m really excited!

In case you missed it I had a guest spot on the marvelous webcomic Gallant Adventures! My good friend Paul has a comic at gallantadventurescomic.com and I was able to kidnap his girlfriend and force him to allow me to post a guest comic there! I mean, he asked for my assistence completely without any violence or threats on my part (mostly). Gallant Adventures is a fantastic all-ages comic drawn by one of the most talented people I have ever met. He also has a rockin’ beard. Seriously though if you need great inked work check out Paul’s stuff. He takes commissions too and is well worth your hard-earned dime!

In other news, I am going to the Fan Days Con in Dallas in October! You should all come out to see me and get cool stuff like keychains, magnets, business cards, cool prints and drawings, and maybe even a Dr. Whoo plushie! It’s gonna be fun! You can meet me and shake my hand and/or punch me in the throat (depending on how much you enjoy/despise the comic adventures of Ninja and Pirate).

Also make sure to tell your friends about Ninja and Pirate’s weekly adventures. Get them to read it and tell their friends. The more readers I have means the more often I can post comics. If I get enough interest generated in this comic I can start producing merchandise for you all, and if  start making enough income from this comic I can increase the number of comics per week! I would love to just do comics for you lovely people, plus it would make the story lines go a lot faster! So tell your friends and loved-ones about Ninja and Pirate and have them do the same!

Enjoy the new links page! In it is a bunch of links that lead to some fantastic webcomics and blogs that I frequent and are well worth your time! Careful though! The links are quite hot! …get it? Guys?

I have a deviantart account under the name JMFlanders and it has a bunch of my other work on it. Work that’s drastically different from Ninja and Pirate. Give it a glance if you want. I’m open for commissions too! You can also follow me under the name @ninjaandpirate on Twitter!

My friend Paul’s lovely female carbon-based unit companion Sheila and a few of my friends are also starting an art blog called artvegetables! It’s great because it’s all about the tips and tricks of drawing with methods, research, and techniques! It’s gonna be great!

Welp, that’s it for now! I’ll see you all next week! Stick around and pass the word on about NinjaandPirate.com!