I never understood the term ‘tractor beam’ as a kid. Surely it is something you would deploy when you need to, I dunno, harvest space crops? I would understand if it were Attractor Beam that would make more sense, but then people would try to use it for their OkCupid accounts or something. I think we should rename it the ‘Accio Beam’. Yeah yeah it’s mixing genres but at least it’s relevant to what it does. Tractors. Pfft.

Ninja and Pirate have their own Twitter handles! Track their zaniness in real time by following @HeyImPirate and @NinjaIsMyName. People still say ‘zany’ right? Like we haven’t all universally decided that’s a lame thing to say? Wait…people still call things lame when they’re bogus right? Oh jeez, this is a vicious circle…

Well Ninja and Pirate have a Facebook page too! It’s at Facebook.com/NinjaandPirateComics/! I also have a Reddit account at http://www.reddit.com/user/ninjaandpiratecomic if you feel generous enough to distribute an upvote or two in order to spread the word about this comic!

I’ll see you all on Saturday for another new Ninja and Pirate!