Hey all! Phew it’s late. Lemme get right down to business! First of all, several of my webcomic pals have joined up in a game of tag, where we feature one of their characters in our comic and the owner of the character featured has to include someone else’s character in their next one until everyone gets tagged. I was super fortunate to have the highly underrated Steve Mills of the great online comic “Worth It” feature our chubby oval protagonists in THIS COMIC RIGHT HERE. Pretty neat, huh?

For my turn I have tagged one of my best webcomic buds and one of the first people in the community to actually encourage and talk to me. I of course speak of Stephen McGee of the hilarious audiophillic Rain Dogs! Stephen is a great guy and I have no idea how he does everything he does.

In other news, it’s 1:30 and I’m going to bed. If you liked this goofy giggle strip then go ahead and like it and/or our Facebook page! A big thanks to my pal Whitney who is going through the site and making it look, you know, better. Like it wasn’t made by a guy who kept caressing his computer monitor hoping it would make the the site for me. So hold with us as we go through some technical changes through the next few…uh, whenevers. AND, I’ve talked to her about setting up a store so we can get t-shirts, prints, and other various goodies out to you all! Anyway, I’m headed off! You guys rock and thanks for reading today’s comic! Keep on spreading the word on Ninja and Pirate and I’ll see you on Wednesday with a new comic!