It’s amazing how many one-hit-wonders there were in the 1980’s. It’s like that era was born out of mediocre keytar playing and catchy synthesizer beats.

Anyway, in this weeks comic we see the budding relationship between Ninja and Dr. Whoo and something tells me it’s gonna be a rocky one. (Note: that something is called I’m The Writer and I Know What’s Going To Happen So Take My Word). Also we see that Pirate is super subtle in his distraction methods.

In other news, I am going to the Fan Days Con in Dallas in October! You should all come out to see me and get cool stuff like keychains, magnets, business cards, cool prints and drawings, and maybe even a Dr. Whoo plushie! It’s gonna be fun!

Also make sure to tell your friends about the antics and hijinx of Ninja and Pirate. Get them to read it and tell their friends. The more readers I have means the more often I can post comics. It’s all about the readers and the Benjamins- but most importantly the readers NAMED Benjamin. (I’m looking at you through your computer screen BENJAMIN!!) Seriously though I would love to make  comics for you all day in and day out but I need support from viewers like you. Also: PBS.

I have a deviantart account under the name JMFlanders and it has a bunch of my other work on it. Work that’s drastically different from Ninja and Pirate. Give it a glance if you want. I’m open for commissions too!

My buddy Paul has a fantastic webcomic for all ages called and it’s great! I’d really reccommend it, and not just because he’s pointing a gun at me forcing me to say that! (Send help…)

Paul’s lovely female carbon-based unit Shiela and a few of my friends are also starting an art blog called artvegetables! It’s great because it’s all about the tips and tricks of drawing with methods, research, and techniques! It’s gonna be great!

Welp, that’s it for now! I’ll see you all next week! Stick around and pass the word on about!