I promise this will be the last Back to the Future joke for a while. At least until I come up with the next one. Seriously though, someone make this movie. I’m looking at you, Zemeckis.

In all seriousness, tomorrow is Father’s Day. I want to say thanks to my dad. He’s a complete goober but I couldn’t imagine a better one. He’s sacrificed everything except for a white ram (that’s this Thursday) in order to support me and I could never thank him enough for it. It doesn’t help that I am practically his double regardless of whether or not I want to be. Dad, we’ve been through some tough times and some good ones but all in all I’m glad I got you as a dad. Heg Byans and all.

To my Father-in-Law, you are also the best I could hope for. There’s no one else I can team up and shoot zombies with in a colossal deafening man cave and I look forward to every other Wednesday. I’m looking forward to playing more L4D2 in the near future as well. You’ve raised a flawless daughter and I can’t thank you enough for bringing her up into the wonderful woman she is today.

Thank you both for being who you are. You guys are awesome.

Congrats again to my brilliant cousin who is graduating tomorrow! We’re proud of you Bridge!

And in an effort to balance out the seriousness of the last few paragraphs: penguin tacos monkey poop throwing fart noise in my knickers whoopsie bongo cheeseburger. That is all. I’ll see you guys Wednesday!