Whenever my dear wife and I go to pick up something for our furry, four-legged daughter at one of these stores it is ALWAYS during their adopt-a-thon weeked. There are puppies and dogs everywhere just wanting a home to love! I want to take them all home. Like all of them. Poor guys. Dogs are some of the best creatures ever evolved. All they want is someone to love and then they will love you regardless. If you are looking for a new friend, PLEASE adopt a dog at your local shelter or at one of these adopting weekends. There is ALWAYS a dog that could use a home or a family. They didn’t do anything and don’t deserve a life alone just for being born. Cats too. I don’t even like cats, but no animal deserves to think it’s unwanted. Don’t make me bust out the Sarah McLachlan, because I will! I’m crazy, man! I’ll do it!