Hey there everybody! Oh what did you do on the floor? Is this a WEBCOMIC?! You know we either do that outside or on the neighbor’s porch! Bad! Bad reader! Go sit in the corner!

A very VERY special THANK YOU goes out to my bilingual friend Lauralis, who can be seen being shamelessly hit on here, because she translated my insanity for panel two. I could hear the blood vessels bursting from miles away as she tried to make some sense of my stupidity so a hearty thanks goes out to you, madam! You rock! She’s also probably the biggest Ninja and Pirate fan who is not my mom, so that’s something too!

In all seriousness though, I’d like to take a minute to extend my personal heartfelt sympathy to everyone in Boston due to Monday’s horrific events. I hope that when we find out who is responsible we throw their name in the dust and instead focus on the heroes of the day: the emergency response teams and the normal average people, all of whom went above and beyond to help out their fellow man. The darkness of terror and hatred can be quelled by the kind action of an everyday person and I hope we can all remember that. Furthermore, there was a terrible earthquake in Iran that caused the death of many Iranians and Pakistanis. There was a tremendous loss of life there due to a natural disaster but just because it was caused by planet Earth does not mean it doesn’t deserve just as much attention and support. Bad things, horrific things, happen everyday to people all around the globe. That’s one reason I try to keep Ninja and Pirate going, so that there will hopefully always be something to laugh at or about in this world.

In happier news, I’m going to be down in Dallas Comic-Con on May 16th and you should all come down to see me there! It’s gonna be fun on the run in a bun! And also strenuous! I’m gonna have some great prints and stuff to pawn out and I’ll always be glad to see or hear from a fan of the comic!

Ninja and Pirate isn’t getting a lot of views compared to some of the other webcomic artists I’ve been talking to, so keep getting that word out! Ninja and Pirate will ALWAYS be family friendly and will ALWAYS be free. I am doing my best to keep this site going, but I need your help. I’m gonna be putting up some Project Wonderful ads on the site as well as hopefully some merch and t-shirts moving but the biggest help will be to just tell people about Ninja and Pirate so that they can enjoy it for themselves! I WILL be upgrading to TWO comics a week soon, but that’s still in the works. I’m trying to get time to be able to work on them but I will be doing it. I’ll let you guys know when it’s coming though, regardless!

Thank you to everyone for reading and supporting Ninja and Pirate! You guys are amazing and are the reason I keep doing this, so that people can always laugh! I’ll see you guys next week! And, as always, you can get in contact with me by following me on Twitter at @NinjaandPirate or e-mailing me at ninja_pirate_comic@yahoo.com! I had some lovely conversations with spambots last week, but they don’t respond nearly as well as you guys. Or ever, really. See ya!