Try to get “Louie, Louie” out of your head now. Just try. Oh no! Now it’s in my head too! Ay-yai-yai-yai-yai! Oh me oh my! Oh no! It’s in my head now! Ay-yai-yai-*repeat ad nauseum*

Chapter 3 is ending on Saturday! Well, hopefully. Unless I think of a super funny comic that just HAS to be added into the storyline in which case it will probably involve butts. That’s super exciting! (the chapter ending, I mean. Not the butts thing. Butts are only marginally exciting) Then chapter four will start and be targeted toward a bunch of new readers! It’ll be a whole chapter of non-continuity driven puns! Each comic will be a great point to coerce/threaten your friends and family to start reading Ninja and Pirate! It’s a shameless attempt to increase my readership and also to allow me to think up a Chapter 5!

In other news, one of my first webcomic friends, and one of the most talented guys I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing has a Patreon page up online. Lunarbaboon is one of the most heartfelt, well-done, overall high quality strips out there on the web. With your help by pledging to his Patreon site, Chris (if that IS his real name. Frankly I’m pretty sure it’s Fartlesface McPoopenmeyer.) can continue to publish the fantastic webcomic Lunarbaboon. Here’s his Patreon page. It’s worth it:

Anyway, I’m heading off. I hope you enjoyed today’s comic.