This comic is made by one of the most talented artists I know. I’m dead serious. This girl is awesome. I’ve known her for about four years now and every piece she puts out blows my mind over and over again. She does it all: charming cartoon, gut-wrenching terror, realistic sculpture- she is more talented than I will ever be. Her comic “Hot Stuff” is incredible and the stuff of Eisner awards. Her art is always better than mine. I mean who does she think she is? Look at her with her brush control and her heavy blacks and her speed paintings- what a jerk! Why does she have to flaunt how good she is? What happened to you Angela? We used to be friends! You used to know me!!! What about the little guys?!?!

Ahem. Sorry. I don’t know what came over me. Anyway, go visit Hot Stuff and be prepared for the most charming sci-fi imptastic comic this side of Astro Boy and Bone. Her twitter is @Sprech4 where she rants about anime way too much to the point where you start to worry that she has shrines built to Kuwabara ala Hey Arnold, which she totally does I’m sure. Honestly, I’d be a bit let down if she didn’t have a to scale Kuwabara chewing gum sculpture somewhere in her apartment. Also she has cockroaches. As pets. She’s one of a kind and so is her art. Check out her stuff and GIVE HER YOUR MONEY IN EXCHANGE FOR HER ART BECAUSE IT IS SO WORTH IT! She does commissions too because OF COURSE YOU SHOULD GET A COMMISSION FROM HER!