Hey, you know what I hate?! Cool webcomics that are published every Wednesday and are slightly amusing to some! I mean, who do they think they are with their Ninjas and Pirates and fandom references?! I think it would be better if they all got pecked to death by a gang of renegade ducklings! The world would be a better place and – oooh, there’s one right behind me isn’t there?

That being said I’m kind of proud in the way this comic and site are going. It’s not that great now but I’m still happy it’s going as well as it is. There’s still a lot to sneeze at, especially if you are allergic to webcomics, such as the mobile site not working well but the comic is still up and all of you are reading it so there’s that at least. I know that on ye olde iPhone at least you can hit the ‘Reader’ button in the search bar and get the comic visible. I don’t know how it works on Droids or BlackBerrys or Cybernetic Uplinks but I know it at least works that way on Apple’s license to print money phone. I also want to say thanks to all the great folks that are reading this comic and telling their friends to read it and duct taping people to their monitors so they see it. You guys are the best! (Except you duct tapers. You might want to get some help.)

In other news, I am going to the Fan Days Con in Dal­las in Octo­ber! You should all come out to see me and get cool stuff like key­chains, mag­nets, busi­ness cards, cool prints and draw­ings, and maybe even a Dr. Whoo plushie! Plus you’ll see a bunch of peo­ple dressed as brown­coats like in this comic, as well as the Doc­tor, Storm Troop­ers, anime char­ac­ters, and the inevitable Cloud Strife! It’s gonna make you squirt laugh­ter and joy out of your human orifices! And you can meet me and tell me what you think of the comic and crush my dreams of being a suc­cess­ful artist! Also make sure to tell your friends about Ninja and Pirate’s weekly adven­tures. Get them to read it and tell their friends. The more read­ers I have means the more often I can post comics. If I get enough inter­est gen­er­ated in this comic I can start pro­duc­ing mer­chan­dise for you all, and if start mak­ing enough income from this comic I can increase the num­ber of comics to maybe, in time, five per week! I would love to just do comics for you lovely peo­ple, plus it would make the story lines go a lot faster! So tell your friends and loved-ones about Ninja and Pirate and have them do the same! It’s like a pyramid scheme but instead of being about phone cards it’s about a comic and instead of being paid you get to read visual enjoyment with your eyeballs!

Enjoy the semi-new links page! In it is a bunch of links that lead to some fan­tas­tic web­comics and blogs that I fre­quent and are well worth your time! The blogs are both edu­ca­tional and amus­ing and the comics are some of the best pro­fes­sional and indie stuff out there. Care­ful though! The links are quite ho– you know what, you know that joke. Screw it. They’re hotlinks. That’s the pun. Move along now.

I have a deviantart account under the name JMFlan­ders and it has a bunch of my other work on it. Work that’s dras­ti­cally dif­fer­ent from Ninja and Pirate, so be warned. Give it a glance if you want. You’ll find Fan Art, Con­cep­tual Work, and some pretty twisted mon­ster designs! I’m open for com­mis­sions too! You can also fol­low me under the name @ninjaandpirate on Twit­ter! Shame­less self promotion!

Welp, that’s it for now! I’ll see you all next week! Don’t for­get to pass the word on about Ninja and Pirate! Your friends will think better of you guaranteed! (Probably not.) Also if you tell enough people about it and they read it too, I’ll call off the hit on you! Yay!