Hey everybody! Things are insane and crazy here at Casa de Flanders (that means House of Flanders in Arabic) because Dallas Comic Con is next week! AUUGH! CRAZY CRAZY GET PRINTS READY DRAW DRAW INK COLOR PRINT DRAW COMIC!

Anyway if you missed it, Ninja and Pirate: Volume 1 is now available on Amazon.com! We had a bit of a problem on Wednesday because there was a print error in the book. If you ordered it on Wednesday and received a bad copy then email me a picture of the comic “Owl Affections” (which is a messed up one) from the book along with your address and I will make sure you get one that’s corrected! From here on out though it’s all good! Ninja and Pirate: Volume 1 combines the first two chapters of Ninja and Pirate into one handy volume made from a dead tree! (Don’t worry. The tree was a jerk.)

However, I totally understand that times are tough and people are cheap (like me), so if you don’t want to buy my book and support this comic with cash moneys, then there are some ways you can do it totally FREE OF CHARGE!!

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And of course there’s the old Facebook page too. Or you can always leave a comment below to let me know what you thought. Finally, I am on Twitter at @NinjaandPirate and you can find the two nutballs themselves at @HeyImPirate and @NinjaIsMyName. We always take all the love and support we can get! If you just want to e-mail me to tell me about your day or yell at me or tell me stories of why your grandchildren don’t call as often as they should, then email me at ninja_pirate_comic@yahoo.com

Most importantly you can always spread the word about Ninja and Pirate to your friends, coworkers, family, enemies, and schizophrenic manifestations!

On a different note, some of my best friends have made a FULL LENGTH FEATURE FILM called Springfield 61. It was fantastic and incredibly well done, especially when you take into account their shoestring budget and the complexity of the script. You should like their FACEBOOK PAGE here and buy their movie when it comes out! They have weekly videos called “Small Doses” that are incredibly funny so check them out!

Anywho, I’m gonna go now because I have so much work to do in the next week. I’ll see you all later! Thanks for reading (and hopefully enjoying) today’s comic! Check back on Wednesday for another!