Hey Everybody!

Is anyone going to Dallas Comic Con in a month? If you are raise your hand! GHEY thata great! Gyrds whgaty> U an tii! Sorry. I was typing with one hand. I said: Hey that’s great! Guess what? I am too!

It’s gonna be fun! I’m trying to get a book together of Ninja and Pirate Chapters 1 and 2 so we’ll see how it goes. It may be a few sleepless nights for me but it should be worth it.

On a different note, a buddy of mine reminded me of a site that lists the TOP WEBCOMICS AROUND! You can vote daily on ANY comic you want (only one vote per comic per IP address though) and any comic that makes it to the top 100 will get a huge boost in traffic and circulation! This would be a great help in spreading the word on Ninja and Pirate so don’t forget that it’s there like I did! Here’s the link that sends you right to N&P’s page so go ahead and vote on it if you so desire. I’d appreciate it! CLICKY CLICKY VOTEY VOTEY!

Oh, by the way, the social sharing site Reddit banned my user account the other day because my wife was upvoting my work and they frown upon, I dunno, spousal support? In any matter, my new user name is Joba_Fett for those of you who wish to further support N&P.

Also, WordPress has been updated and it looks like as of now they took away my option to add hover text, i.e. the joke I would write in when you hovered your mouse over the comic. I’ll see what I can do about it. OH! And I wanna thank the great and amazing Ronnie of the great and amazing webcomic Whomp! for the inspiration on the backgrounds of today’s comic. He always adds really simple colorized/patterned backgrounds that really benefit his strip’s emotional punches so I thought I’d try it out for myself. You are a master, sir. You don’t know me but please keep up your great work! It is a HUGE inspiration to me. Check out Ronnie’s hilarious strip Whomp! right here.

Anyway it is 2:00 and I am worn the heck out so I’m gonna go to bed. G’night all! Hope you enjoyed today’s comic! Return on Saturday for ANOTHER high brow dose of humor! Maybe it’ll involve the edgy untapped comedy topic of poops.